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Epoxy Paint




Epoxy Finishes Services

Tired of cleaning up those tough oil spills on the floor of your garage? As many homeowners know, it’s incredibly difficult to get oil stains out of concrete. However, all of your house painting woes could soon be gone by hiring ACC to apply an epoxy finish to the flooring in your garage.

Epoxy paint consists of two components that come in separate parts which are mixed together just before being applied to the concrete surface.

Once mixed together, the two components undergo a chemical reaction that then forms a nearly unbreakable bond. Epoxy finishes are ideal for garages and commercial settings such as warehouses, automotive facilities and kitchens.

Our Epoxy Finish Process

Our  painting crews can provide you with epoxy finishes that are durable and have little maintenance. The application process begins by cleaning the concrete surface and filling any patches, potholes and cracks. We then etch the floor with a bristle broom so that the primer will properly adhere to the concrete. The concrete needs to dry for a few hours before we can move on to the priming stage. Our  painting crews prime and apply an epoxy basecoat to the floor. We customize your epoxy flooring by adding color chips as a decorative touch. Last but not least, the topcoat is applied which acts as an extra protective barrier. All in all, this process takes several hours because epoxy finishes have to completely set.

Choose ACC Your Epoxy Painting Contractor

Our professional contractors have a broad amount of experience with epoxy finishes and have been assisting residential and commercial customers for many, many years. Our contractors are trained in the chemical interactions of epoxy and cement. Because the epoxy paint dries within a matter of a couple of hours once the two components are mixed together, we work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the painting project is done correctly the first time. ACC is the painting service contractor you can trust.



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